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About Us

As true mavens of custom home design…

we focus on transcending initial “Dream Home” concepts to fashion award winning and impeccably
curated luxurious living environments for our exclusive clientele.

From a secluded technological utopia or magnificent country estate, to a rustic hillside ranch, lakefront retreat, or masterpiece chateau in an exclusive Austin area neighborhood, Seven Custom Homes creates distinctive architectural wonders.

Through our intelligently managed design-build process we assemble skilled teams of artisans that transform hand-selected plots into exquisite finely-crafted interior spaces wrapped in naturally beautiful landscaping of the higher order. The ideal “A to Z” solution for out of town situations or relocating to the gorgeous Austin, Texas area, as well as high-end real estate investments.

We Follow Seven Principles at TRBC Homes. It is our highest Achievement!

  • 1. Integrity

    We follow a code conduct in all our dealings with customers, staff and fellow contractors. We strive to be honest, open and respectful in all we do.

  • 2. Commitment to Quality

    We are committed to constructing the highest quality home we are able. We will seek out the most suitable materials for our client and employ the best construction techniques possible to deliver the best end product for every part of every clients project.

  • 3. Attention to Detail

    We will pay close attention to detail. In our view, there are no little things.

  • 4. Integrity

    Creativity inspires a home’s presentation, which is very important to the overall living experience. We aim to use creativity to deliver a better living space to our clients.

  • 5. Passion

    We have a tremendous passion for construction, design and architecture. Our goal is that this passion will flow into the process of selecting materials and doing our work which, when combined, will deliver the ultimate finished product.

  • 6. Team Player

    We aim to work harmoniously with clients, designers and other contractors to ensure the timely production of quality products.

  • 7. Our Guarantee

    Despite our high standards, it is impossible to get 100% of everything right first time. When we make a mistake, we will correct it quickly, cheerfully and in a spirit of mutual cooperation with our clients.